Demrick – Superficial

Demrick comes through with one for the summer. “Still Movin’ Monday” continues with a brand new joint from Demrick called “Superficial.” The track, which boasts a wavy beat from DJ Hoppa, promises to be on “that summertime shit,” and with a tropical sounding arrangement and some smooth-ass drums, the duo certainly delivers on that front.

“Don’t call me superficial,” raps Demrick, who lays out his ambitious goals on the table, speaking from a genuine place of love rather than ostentatious greed. For those of ya’ll clamoring for more “Still Movin'” music, rest assured that Demrick’s associate Euroz is currently working on two EPs.

For now, kick back and listen to the latest vibes from Demrick, who handles the track with confidence and swagger.

Take a Listen Below…