Lana Del Rey – Change

The song gives a view on a fundamental “Change” in Lana did in her life, after realizing about many things she was going at the moment.

A clarity of inner dialogue that I feel it’s coming through better.

Fifteenth track on Lana’s fifth studio album. Lana uploaded two snippets of the song via Instagram as “Change” and “thinking of u” on June 2017. It’s the last song Lana wrote for the record.

The producer Rick Nowels had this to say about said the song;

“Change” really touches me. We were mastering the album and had to turn it into the label the next day. Lana called me that afternoon and said that she had one more statement to make for the album and that she wanted to record a new song that night. That song turned out to be “Change”. We started it at 8 p.m. and by 2 a.m. the record was done. We knew it could only be a voice/piano song because that was all the time we had. I think it’s a gem on the album.