NAV & Metro Boomin – Hit

“Hit” is a song about being successful and the pleasures that come with it. NAV raps about everything he’s been able to do after making hit songs, like drugs, buying expensive streetwear, and girls.

Nav refers to Gucci, a designer brand famous for embroidering snakes and bees onto their goods. He is talking about owning Gucci footwear, which has gained popularity in the culture.

Nav’s lyrics makes references;

Molly turned me into a beast / Working four days, no sleep

Molly (MDMA) mainly increases the activity of the neurotransmitter; Serotonin. Serotonin plays on the regulation of sleep and appetite, allowing the taker to stay awake and active for days on end whilst eating a bare minimum, usually takers struggle to finish a slice of pizza. This is most probably why NAV says he was working four days with no sleep.

Take a Listen Below…